SoundCheck has years of experience designing custom home theater systems. We integrate audio, video, and lighting to provide a very unique experience. We regularly work with interior designers, contractors, and home builders to provide our clients with a movie watching utopia. Whether a wood and acoustic paneled dedicated theater or a lower level modern living space theater, let SoundCheck guide you every step of the way. SoundCheck is proud to have the only certified JBL Synthesis Theater in Metro Detroit.

Home Theaters Oakland County


The key to a great home theater or media room is the front projector. We offer a wide range of models to fit every budget and needs for every Michigan homeowner.

Home Theater Screens Oakland County


When selecting the right screen, proper consideration must be given to all aspects of the home theater design, including the amount of light that can or cannot be controlled into the room. We work with our client’s design needs to pick the proper screen type and size, from the traditional 16:9 widescreen format, to anamorphic cinema style.

Home Theater Seating Oakland County


Seating is one of the most important aspects of a home theater. Typical furniture store seating is not designed with the same considerations as professional seating. Inadequate seating will make you feel fatigued and uncomfortable. We offer a range of seating products that will fit every budget from traditional flip down seats to full motorized loungers.

Home Theater Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels

Quality theater sound is important in achieving that immersed feel. This can be enhanced by making sure the acoustics in your home theater are properly designed. We do this by properly placing acoustic panels in the room, to make sure your home theater is acoustically correct.

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